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Idera recently acquired Sencha ( and has added the company products to the Embarcadero business unit, which produced RAD Studio and also the RAD Server web service technology. A natura ...

The conference is organized by Embarcadero partner BitTime and their consulting company BitTime Professionals at their office in Franscati, near Rome, and all o ...

The online training site Embarcadero Academy, an independently-run but Embarcadero affiliated training web site, was launched a couple of weeks ago:

Marco Cantu, RAD PM created new blog post Why I Choose Delphi Summary in Tutorial 2 weeks ago

Over the summer, there has been a number of blog posts on the "Why I Choose Delphi?" topic. While providing personal ideas, they do have common themes and I think there are very interesting to read, for anyone who is using Delphi today (or used it ...

A few months after the InterBase 2017 release, Embarcadero has just made available ...

The article with the new roadmap slides is available at: ...

James, we generally don't include the "Won't Fix" items in the count, but we list them as closed issues anyway. As for the Android performance we keep working in that direction.

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