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FMX Corridor

FMX Corridor
FMX Corridor
FMX Corridor
FMX Corridor
  • Competition: Embarcadero Cool Apps Contest
  • Description: This is a free 3D game inspired by "The Light Corridor" released in 1990 by Infogrames on Atari ST and Amiga 500 (memories when I was young :) ). I made this projet for a tutorial for the french site www.developpez.com. You can find the tutorial at http://gbegreg.developpez.com/tutoriels/delphi/firemonkey/FMXCorridor/tuto/. It's in french.
  • What makes it cool?: This game is free and open source. This is another example of using 3D in Firemonkey. You can find the source on my Github : https://github.com/gbegreg/FMXCorridor The executable can for Windows and MacOS be find on my web site http://gbesoft.fr/fmxcorridor.php The Android version can be find on Play Store : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=fr.gbesoft.FMXCorridor&hl=fr I don't have an IOS device so I don't compile the project for IOS. Normally you can compile the project for IOS. Have fun (with Delphi) ! Grégory Bersegeay.
  • Company name: GBESoft
  • Developer Name: Grégory Bersegeay
  • Embarcadero products used: Delphi Tokyo
  • Product features used: Firemonkey
  • Components Used: Only standard components
  • Developer Bio: I use Delphi from a long time ago. I use anothers IDE but i prefer Delphi :) You can find others projects on my GitHub and my free text editor GBEPad on my web site (it's free and made with Delphi but not open source).
  • Link for more information: http://gbesoft.fr/fmxcorridor.php
  • Link to screenshot or logo: https://github.com/gbegreg/FMXCorridor
  • Targets Android: 1
  • Targets Windows Desktop: 1
  • Targets macOS: 1