Embarcadero Cool Apps Contest

Earth Pong

Earth Pong
Earth Pong
Earth Pong
Earth Pong
  • Competition: Embarcadero Cool Apps Contest
  • Description: - You must keep the roses from the large ice snowflakes attack, only that you may keep to live.
  • What makes it cool?: - It is necessary to keep the heart In a flight, preventing it from falling down. - Then your defense ship emits hot rockets eliminating ice. Melted ice can revive slightly damaged roses. The game is accompanied by cool music, sound effects, great fee photography. - Manage the game can be by keyboard, by mouse and touchscreen, by game-pad and joystick.
  • Company name: vvv2 and vytra
  • Developer Name: vvv2 and vytra
  • Embarcadero products used: C++ Builder
  • Product features used: VCL
  • Components Used: VCL
  • Developer Bio: Lithuania, KTU eng. progr.
  • Link for more information: https://earth-pong.en.softonic.com
  • Link to screenshot or logo: http://vvv2.lhosting.info/d11_en.htm
  • YouTube URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjXzJ6bEFoc&feature=autoshare
  • Targets Windows Desktop: 1