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BulletProof FTP Server

BulletProof FTP Server
BulletProof FTP Server
BulletProof FTP Server
BulletProof FTP Server
BulletProof FTP Server
  • Competition: Embarcadero Cool Apps Contest
  • Description: BPFTP Server is a powerful FTP Server for business, corporate or even home use. Both easy to use through a fully graphical control method and powerful with control over everything!
  • What makes it cool?: From a customer standpoint, BPFTP Server is cool because it provides additional services for Windows based computers to provide unix-like file-transfers without the added complication and security implications of IIS. From a developer standpoint, BPFTP Server started life in early 2000 as a companion product to BPFTP Client (bpftp.com and also written in Delphi in 1998). As time went on, the codebase was migrated through many iterations of Delphi, starting with Delphi 7 and eventually migrating through the XE releases until the most recent Seattle 10.2. As a testament to maintaining legacy code, while attempting to bring new features into the software, techniques from online Delphi communities were utilized to modernize the code and architecture over the past 18 years.
  • Company name: BulletProof Software LLC
  • Developer Name: Marvin Colgin
  • Embarcadero products used: Delphi 10.2 Seattle
  • Product features used: VCL
  • Components Used: ICS SecureBlackBox Raize/Konopka CodeSite Indy Jedi JVCL/JCL TMS Update LMD Tools madExcept svCom
  • Developer Bio: As a professional developer, I got started with Delphi 2.0 at Hollywood Video (national video rental chain) an early adopter of RAD development (1992-2000). Witnessing the ease and power for Windows development, I wrote a mp3-ripper (mp3stripit.com 1998-2001) in the early days of the internet and experienced meteoric success. During this time as an indie-developer, I found marketing/sales was very distinct from development and endeavored to create and successfully find VC funding for an early AppStore (DigitalCandle.com 2001-2007) which specialized in marketing and order fulfillment for other independent software vendors. Working with over 1500 other developers over several years, I witnessed what worked and what didn't, discovered the advantages of marketing, branding and price-points and created the BulletProof brand by banding together software written in Delphi under and umbrella of products. While I continue to be the main developer of the software, my business requires a unique blend of skillsets ranging from low-level network programming, web development and business acumen to running my own business for nearly 20 years. While the industry has continued to change, I find Delphi to remain as my go to development tool with it's strong type-checking, native code and time tested VCL. As multi-platform support continues to evolve, I look forward to "pushing" the legacy code further into the Windows Service and providing new UI based on REST/Angular to further enrichment my development skills and provide additional features to my customers.
  • Link for more information: https://bpftpserver.com
  • Link to screenshot or logo: http://bpftpserver.com/bp-images/logo-bpftpserver-xlarge.png
  • YouTube URL: https://www.youtube.com/user/bpftp
  • Targets Windows Desktop: 1
  • Targets Windows Server: 1