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Keyboard Tracer

Keyboard Tracer
Keyboard Tracer
Keyboard Tracer
Keyboard Tracer
  • Competition: Embarcadero Cool Apps Contest
  • Description: Keyboard Tracer is simple to use and user friendly keystrokes recording software. When you want to know what is going on in your home's computer, then this is the ideal detective. Keyboard Tracer may work in the background, undetected by the user, and tracks activities of other people using your keyboard without your permission. Keyboard Tracer not only captures standard alphanumeric keystrokes, but also records "hidden" characters and keystroke combinations, such as the Shift, Alt and Ctrl key, as well as "true" keystrokes which may other-wise appear differently on screen (such as an * when a password is typed). Many options allows to configure the Keyboard Tracer software individually for your own purposes. Keyboard Tracer features: - Automatic start and Hidden recording of each key press of the hardware keyboard - Recording the keys combinations such as Alt, Crtl, Shift and functional keys - Logging of exact time when each keystroke appears and counting the number of the key presses - Recording of the textual Clipboard changes - Screen capture at the specified time interval - Password protected Log opening command - Interactive LOG file with many options inside The Keyboard Tracer Software Can Be Used For A Variety Of Purposes: Home Usage The keyboard Tracer software is ideal for the home which has more than one person who uses the computer. As children have been increasingly intelligent and able to pass through passwords protecting and accessing information that is not known to them, this keyboard logging software is the best way to monitor them without giving them a clue. It will then give you the correct information in an interactive LOG file so that you can see which key has been used. You will be able to protect your family from any intruders, as you will be able to see what logged conversations have been taking place. There are times when you have to accept the responsibility that sometimes too much privacy and liberty for young children is not a good idea. The Internet is full of all sorts of people who are willing to abuse that. By tracking their activities, you will be able to keep them safe from harm. In The Office There are no two ways about it; quite a number of employees are willing to take liberties especially when it comes to the usage of the office PC. It is for this reason that people will opt for the keyboard tracer software to ensure that they know if their employees are doing what they should be doing. Because of the invisible mode of the keyboard tracer software, you will be able to check all the records of where they have been and if they have been doing what you are paying them to do. In a sense, it is about you protecting your investment so that you know that your business is not sponsoring people's private lives during the hours you are paying them to be working.
  • What makes it cool?: Keyboard Tracer do not send any information outside the computer and do not allow others to setup it without permission of the computer owner. It can not be considered as a spy tool, but only as data leak prevention utility.
  • Company name: keyboardtracer.com
  • Developer Name: Alex Shipman
  • Embarcadero products used: Delphi XE
  • Product features used: None
  • Components Used: Clipboard, VCL
  • Developer Bio: Working as a senior developer in a company providing a DLP solutions I am doing my best to help business owners to prevent corporate theft and data leaks. My hobby is creating of software tools that may be useful not only for business, but the home users, So the Keyboard Tracer is one of these tools.
  • Link for more information: http://keyboardtracer.com
  • Link to screenshot or logo: http://keyboardtracer.com/images/keytracer-software-box.png
  • Targets Windows Desktop: 1