#FunWithDelphi: NASA API Mashup


  • Competition: #FunWithDelphi: NASA API Mashup
  • Github URL: https://github.com/gbegreg/DelphiFunCuriosity
  • Description: Inspired by the demo application, this application use the Nasa REST API to visualize images from Rover Curiosity on Mars. You can change the date (by default the date is the date of the day : it's possible that there's no available image...) and the camera. A 3D sphere with a Mars texture show where is Curiosity on the planet. You can click on the sphere to enlarge/reduce the sphere. Finally, you can apply somes effects on the image like sepia, negative... Delphi for fun !!!
  • Developer Bio: I'm a french developper and i like Delphi. I use Delphi since many years ago. I'm author of the freeware GBEPad (originally made with Delphi 7 and now Berlin update 2 ;) )
  • Components Used: Only standards components.