#FunWithDelphi: NASA API Mashup

NASA APOD Calendar Demo App

NASA APOD Calendar Demo App
  • Competition: #FunWithDelphi: NASA API Mashup
  • Github URL: http://embt.co/2jVNgcY
  • Description: This is the demo entry for the Fun With Delphi: NASA API Mash Up Contest. The demo entry downloads the current NASA APOD image for today and displays it. You can select select previous days on the calendar and it will display the APOD from that day as well. Feel free to download this entry and mash it up for your own entry. Votes on this entry will not count.
  • YouTube URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pARtydMW_GQ
  • Developer Bio: Long time Delphi developer with many years of experience.
  • Components Used: TRESTClient, TFDMemTable, TImageViewer, TMultiView, TNetHTTPClient, TCalendar