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Try to execute UWP AppX by Delphi/C++Builder on "Windows 10 S like restricted mode" This is translated article and based on この記事は Qiita に投稿した記事をベースにして英語で記述したものです。こちらの記事のほうがスクリーンショットは多めですが、内容に大きな差異はありませんので、日本人の方は Qiita の記事をお読みいただくのがよいでしょう。 Prologue “Windows 10 S” is new edition of Windows10 and announced at May/2017. It is for education and currently preinstalled on Surface Laptop. And most important point is “Only Windows Store application can run on it.” But now (16/Jun/2017), it may be difficult to get Windows 10 S installer because it is not available on MSDN. So I tried to configure Windows 10 Pro to Windows 10 S like restricted mode, and to execute UWP application build by Delphi/C++Builder.
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