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Announcing the Release of RAD Studio 10.2.3 I am excited to announce the release of Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio 10.2.3. 10.2 Tokyo, Release 3 (also known as 10.2.3) is an update of Delphi 10.2 Tokyo, C++Builder 10.2 Tokyo and RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo.

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Borland OWL to C++ Builder VCL Every once in a while, I get a request to help migrate Borland OWL applications to C++ Builder VCL applications. Background The Object Windows Library (OWL) is a C++ object-oriented application framework designed to simplify desktop application development for Windows. OWL was introduced by Borland in 1991 and eventually deprecated in 1997 in favor of their Visual Component Library(VCL). Its primary competitor was the Microsoft Foundation...

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Don't be Afraid to Migrate Your VCL App There are many existing VCL Windows apps built with older versions of Delphi and C++Builder, using outdated technologies and frameworks. In this demo oriented session Paweł is going to walk you through different scenarios of migrating existing Delphi VCL apps to Windows 10, mobile, web and multi-tier architectures. We are going to discuss best practices in migration VCL apps including:  Planning Your Migration  Working with projects in the IDE  The Importance of Ver...
2017年12月7日 技術セミナー「その方法で大丈夫?今さら聞けないWindows 10ソフトウェア開発」   2017年12月7日(木)15:00より エンバカデロ飯田橋オフィス セミナールーム(東京・飯田橋)にて 技術セミナー「その方法で大丈夫?今さら聞けないWindows 10ソフトウェア開発」を行います。 セミナーへの参加は無料です。いますぐこちらからお申込みください。 こんな方にお勧め   新規にWindows 10対応のアプリケーションを構築したい方 Windows 10のタブレット対応などを進めたい方 既存アプリケーションのWindows 10対応を進めたい方 パッケージアプリケーション開発を行っている方 Visual BasicやDelphiなどの既存のアプリケーション資産を抱えている方   Windows 10サポートといっても対応する幅が異なります ステップを整理し、Windows 10固有の問題への対応や継続的なメンテナンスの方法などを学びます。   セミナーへの参加は無料です。いますぐこちらからお申込みください。      ...
Boost Your Delphi Development to Infinity and Beyond, Nov 29, UK Embt office I'm very happy to invite all UK Delphi developers to a free Delphi half-day event organised by Grey Matter and Embarcadero in the UK Embarcadero Head Office in Maidenhead. The agenda is packed with useful information, including modernising VCL apps, cross-platform mobile development and brand new stuff including CData Enterprise Connectors and an introduction to Sencha. Get ready! More information at community events. Here is the detailed agenda! The event is free but space is limited so regis...
Massive Collection Of Design Patterns, Frameworks, Components, And Language Features For Delphi Developer beNative over on GitHub has a project called Concepts which is a massive collection of Delphi modular demos featuring over twenty different language features, design patterns and some interresting frameworks, and components. A copy of all of the libraries the Concepts project depends on are included to reduce the hassle of installing them separately. The modular demos include demonstrations of the following libraries: Delphi Run-Time Library (or RTL)The Delphi Run-Time Li...
Building a Google Drive VCL application using Enterprise Connectors In today's blog post,  I am providing a simple step-by-step tutorial for creating a VCL application that connects to Google Drive using the Google Drive Enterprise Connector component. The CData FireDAC Component for Google Drive provides an easy-to-use database-like interface for Delphi & C++Builder Apps access to live Google Drive data (Files, Changes, Apps, and more).
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Modernize your apps with new styles from KSDev, the company behind, has released some stunning new styles for VCL and FireMonkey.  This includes a number of platform specific themes for Windows and macOS. 
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Get Started with RAD Studio 10.2.1 using Sample Projects With RAD Studio 10.2.1, we provide a number of sample projects to help you get started building Windows, Mac, iOS and Android applications. Today, I thought I would highlight some of those demos for new users trying RAD Studio 10.2.1.
Hotfix for Inherited VCL Form HighDPI Regression in 10.2.1 がリリースされました [JAPAN] RAD Studio/Delphi/C++Builder 10.2 Release 1 で VCL フォームアプリケーションを作成した場合に HiDPI 環境(ノートパソコン、タブレットPC、4Kディスプレイなど、スケーリングを100%以上でご利用頂く場合)でコンポーネントの表示サイズが本来の設計とは異なる状態で表示される問題に対する HotFix がリリースされました。

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