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Save Time With This Quick LiveBindings Trick For Delphi And C++Builder LiveBindings is a great technology built into Delphi and C++Builder for bypassing most of the code involved in a CRUD data cycle (Create, Read, Update and Delete Cycle). It can keep you out of massive amounts of technical debt. However, sometimes the standard LiveBindings method of binding some controls can be overly complex. You can easily simplify your LiveBindings by using an invisible TEdit control. Basically you bind your field value to the TEdit and set the TEdit to Visible := F...

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Want more...Fun For me, programming is fun.  It's pure joy for me to create programs from nothing.  Even though our jobs are also work, there is also a lot of joy and fun in everything software engineers do.  For Embarcadero Technologies development is also serious business.  One of Embarcadero Technologies R&D's principles of a winning engineering culture is "fun improves creativity, so have fun while you work." Randy Pausch, Computer Science Professor at Carnegie Mellon University, who passed away in 2...
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