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URIs Should Be Persistent When you are creating a new URI for a site you are building, give it a lot of thought. You should aim to design a URI which can last forever. Of course, this is not news. Jakob Nielsen said it 10 years ago. But in the intervening 10 years, we've gone from URIs which typically used to look something like this: ...which is fine, because if you go to such a link, you probably really will get HTML back, to URIs which (often) look something like this: http://www.exa...

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A Functional View of A Web Server A few days ago, I opined that, "Web applications, as a class, are extremely easy to debug." I'm going to further explain why I think that is true by introducing a useful abstraction which you can employ when you are debugging a web application which doesn't seem to do what is is intended to do. When a web application misbehaves, one of the first things you'll need to do is determine if the problem is in the browser/client (e.g., buggy JavaScript, attempting to use CSS on IE 6, etc.) or in the...

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The Web Is Just Text In the beginning (around 1990 or so), the World Wide Web was composed of three parts: HTML, a markup language for displaying rich documents HTTP, a stateless protocol for communicating with a web server The URI, a short, standardized reference to a network resource Almost 20 years later, very little has changed, especially from the point of view of the server. To the list above, we have added client-side stuff like JavaScript and CSS, and HTML is now at version 4. But HTTP and the URI...
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