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Windows and beyond. Connecting a Windows application with an Android service I’ve always loved developing Windows applications using Delphi and RAD Studio. But it’s getting ever more exciting with the latest releases as it's possible to go beyond Windows and create a new ecosystem that includes the capabilities of the mobile apps, IoT devices, etc... RAD Studio 10 Seattle brought the Android services feature, and since the very first day I’ve been thinking about connecting a Windows application with an Android service. This offers a lot of possibilities, like notifying ...
Download an image in background with Android Services Included in RAD Studio 10 Seattle is a new feature called “Android Services” that allows an Android application to perform background tasks. Jim McKeeth has created a fantastic post to help you get started with Android Services that I highly recommend having a look at: We’ve prepared a simple demo that will launch a service to download an image from a given URL, and send a notification once the download is completed.  To compile the source included for this demo, please follow these steps: Compile the service Add the Android Service to the main application by right-clicking the Android platform. This will launch the “Add new Android service” demo. Select the Android Service base path Check that everything is correct and click Finish to complete the process of adding a new Android service. Delete DownloadServiceUnit.pas from the DownloadImage project. After that, everything is ready to compile and deploy to your device.   Below you see a video showing this demo in action. In this video, I am initiating an image download, but then close the application. In that case, the background service continues to download the image in the background even though the application that originally made the request to download the image is no longer running. As you can see in the end, a notification is shown indicating that the image download has been completed successfully.  Download_Image_Service_demo   Source code: DownloadImageServiceDemo  
Prochainement avec Delphi ... exécutez des tâches de fond avec les Services Android ! Une grande nouveauté pour Delphi arrive ! Vous pouvez facilement et rapidement créer des Services Android avec un tout nouvel assistant ! Créez des Services Android qui peuvent exécuter des tâches de fond. Idéal pour construire des solutions innovantes avec l'Internet de Objets. Les services sont un élément clé pour construire des solutions innovantes avec l'Internet des Objets ! Les applications Android en tache de fond peuvent passivement interagir avec le matériel sans q...
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