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Jump start your IoT solution with ready-to-use components Whether your interest in IoT is for fun projects at home, or you’re trying to harness IoT capabilities to capitalize on the growing industry, it can be intimidating to get started. Building multi-device applications that leverage devices that have standard and non-standard profiles, services and characteristics usually requires a significant amount of upfront research and development. With RAD Studio, and our library of IoT device components (which we call ‘ThingConnect’), we make the process of connecting to an IoT component extremely easy.
TMotionSensorの加速度を使ったシンプルなアプリ[JAPAN] TMotionSensorはデバイスの動きの加速度、角度、状態、速度に関する情報を提供するコンポーネントです。 上記URLに詳細は書いていますが その中で加速度プロパティを使ってiOS / Androidで試してみました。   Video not found or Youtube service not available         [1.新規プロジェクトの作成]  メニューから[ファイル|新規作成|マルチデバイス アプリケーション - C++Builder]を選択し [空のアプリケーション]を選びます。       [2.フォームにコンポーネントの配置]  右下の[ツールパレット]からメインフォームへTButton, TMotionSensor, TTim...

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Bluetooth LE support in RAD Studio XE7 RAD Studio XE7's integrated wireless support (Bluetooth and Wifi) works with thousands of consumer and industry specific devices. RAD Studio's approach makes it easy to integrate virtually any device into the app user experience, and even support multiple device vendors with the same code. In RAD Studio XE7, we have a new Bluetooth LE component for connecting to many different Bluetooth Smart Devices that work with the different GATT profiles. We ship several Bluetooth demos with the product t...
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