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Новинки и обновления каталога GetIt Я уже писал о менеджере пакетов GetIt. После  выхода новейшей версии RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo он также подвергся модификации и расширению, в него были внесены важные усовершенствования.  Начнем с того, что пользоваться WEB-инсталлятором, реализованным на базе GetIt, стало более разумно и правильно, чем ISO образом DVD. В процессе такой установки обязательна связь с интернет - нужные модули, пакеты и настройки скачиваются с сайтов Embarcadero, зато можно "заказывать" только необходи...
10.1 Berlin でのボーナスパック(Konopka Signature 6 VCL Controls および Radiant Shapes)のダウンロードとインストールは GetIt から行う [JAPAN] RAD Studio/Delphi/C++Builder 10.1 Berlin の Professional、Enterprise、Architect を新規にお買い上げ頂いたお客様を対象にボーナスパックを期間限定で実施しておりますが、期限まであと10日を切りました。入手するには9月30日までにお申し込み頂く必要がございます。   しかし、ボーナスパックのうち Konopka Signature 6 VCL Controls と Radiant Shapes のダウンロードやインストールが分かりづらいというご意見を頂きましたので、この手順をここでご案内いたします。
Supercharge Your Developer Toolbox with Bonus Pack - Webinar September 21 Edited: The webinar recording is available on YouTube. Enjoy! ====================================== Whether you are building Windows VCL application or next generation FireMonkey cross-platform apps, you can supercharge your developer toolbox with RAD Studio Bonus Pack! Register now for free technical 1-hour developer webinar on September 21st, 11am CEST, where you can learn about massive benefits of current promotion that is valid only until the end of September. Buy or upgrade to Del...
Konopka VCL Controls & Radiant Shapes now part of the Berlin Bonus Pack It’s exciting for us to share some more great news! Konopka VCL Controls and Radiant Shapes are now part of the free Berlin Bonus Pack - for a limited time. Read below to see what we are including in the Bonus Pack and learn more about the offer.
Join me at CodeRage for my session on the RAD Solution Pack CodeRage X starts tomorrow. The theme for this year’s CodeRage conference is “Develop Anything, Anytime, Anywhere”. The conference will cover development topics for the Delphi Object Pascal and C++ programming languages. Sessions about Windows 10 development using VCL, Multi-Device development using FireMonkey, the Internet of Things, Proximity app development using Beacons, Cloud Services, Enterprise Data and Programming Tips, Tricks and Techniques will be covered. The conference will have two live stream developer tracks – one for Object Pascal and one for C++. I will be doing a session on the RAD Solution Pack tomorrow. You can register for CodeRage X at  

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RAD Solution Pack - Now Available! The RAD Solution Pack is available now.  So what is that?  Think of it as the dream team of components from the top component providers for Delphi and C++Builder.  It is a collection of tools for charting, reporting, grids, UI controls, debugging, analytics and IoT all in one complete package.   Who is it for?  There are three versions of the pack, one for VCL only application, another just for FMX and a third that gives you both. What do I need to ...
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