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「Delphi + FireDAC」を使ってmacOSからPostgreSQL接続[JAPAN] Delphi 10.2 TokyoでデバイスターゲットがmacOSの場合ビルド環境は32bitですなので、PostgreSQL接続に関しては32bitのlibpq.dylibが必要です現在macOS版のPostgreSQLは64bitのみですので、32bitのlibpq.dylibを利用するには、下記URLの手順が必要です。 TFDConnection設定 TFDConnection設定はWindows環境でPostgreSQL接続ができている環境のままでOKです TFDPhysPgDriverLink設定 TFDPhysPgDriverLinkをTFDConnection配置と同じ場所に配置し、VendorLibをlibpq.dylibの置いている場所に指定します。 FDPhysPgDriverLink1.VendorLib...

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Newsgroup Nugget: Row-level locking with FireDAC Here is a recent newsgroup post asking about Row-Level locking using FireDAC to talk to SQL databases. Enjoy! Emery asks: I’m working on a project right now that’s presently using FireDAC to connect to PostgreSql, but we are planning on expanding the possible backends to include MS/SQL, MySQL and Oracle as well (with possibly other, not yet identified, alternatives as well). PostgreSql may or may not be in our long-term plans. One of the single most important requirements that I have is the a...
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