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When Does Lexing End and Parsing Begin? I had an interesting bug in my compiler: The parser would fail on blank lines. To a certain degree, this makes sense; the formal grammar of the language does not include blank lines. This is invalid input! On the other hand, every programming language ever invented, as far as I know, simply ignores them. That sounds simple, but, as the author of the compiler, it is necessary to ask: Where is the correct place to ignore a blank line? Compiler textbooks and classes tend to divide compiler archi...

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YAML and Remote Code Execution YAML's security risks are in no way limited to Rails or Ruby. YAML documents should be treated as executable code and firewalled accordingly. Deserializing arbitrary types is user-controlled, arbitrary code execution. It's Not Just Ruby A few weeks ago, I had a need to parse Jasmine's jasmine.yml in some C# code. I spent some time looking at existing YAML parsers for .NET and ended up deciding that spending a couple of hours writing a lightweight, purpose-specific parser for jasmine.yml made m...
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