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Delphi/C++Builder シューティングゲームフリーBGM(音楽)[JAPAN] 昨年末にチュートリアルシリーズ1でゲームを作成しました。 その中でゲームBGMが入っていました。 少し遅れてしまいましたが BGMのご紹介させて頂きます。 game-bgm-waiting.mp3 game-bgm-opening_10.mp3 game-bgm-opening.mp3 game-bgm-main.mp3 game-bgm-ending.mp3 上記MP3ファイル名とリンク先です。   全て、エンバカデロ藤井(代表)が作曲したBGMです。 Delphi / C++Builder 製品でビルドされた全てのプロジェクトに関して上記MP3は無料で利用可能です。

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Embarcadero Japan, BGM for free Shooting game We created a tutorial video at the end of last year. That is as a tutorial series 1. Series 1 is for the purpose of making a simple game. It made the game music at the same time in that. Fujii is in charge of game music. All music was created by him. (By the way Fujii is the country manager of Japan.)  

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Interview With Me At Jim McKeeth interviewed me for Episode 34 of The Podcast At

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Music links During recent 24-hours of Delphi chat DavidI was playing some music between live interviews. I've been trying hard to make VIPs to play some Audioslave songs. No success. Anyway this would have been a logical and nice follow-up to using Foo Fighters “All My Life” in Delphi 2005 promotional campaign. Today I have created a new category of “Music” links on my blog homepage and put two first entries - Audioslave and Chevelle. I will be placing there links to sites of bands that I'm currently lis...
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