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Are You Working on an Agile Project?  Should You Be? At EDW this year Ron Huizenga, Product Manager for ER/Studio, and I led a SIG discussion about working on agile a data modeler. As usual, this resulted in a lot of frustration being voiced from data modelers about: Not being wanted on the voyage Being treated like obstacles to getting stuff done Being confused by terminology and expectations that differ from 1980s approach to data modeling Being frustrated because perfectly good data models are ignore Being frustrated becaus...

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Want more...Power I went to visit Mount St. Helens yesterday. Unfortunately, it was raining and we couldn't see the volcano.  We stopped at the Johnston Ridge Observatory (JRO), named for David A. Johnston.  Johnston was a USGS volcanologist who was on duty at the ridge the day Mount St. Helens exploded on May 18, 1980.  "Vancouver! Vancouver! This is It!" was all he could report when the mountain erupted. Johnston was one of the 57 people who lost their lives.  The JRO is 5 miles from the volcano on the ridge wh...
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