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I want to build a BeaconFence I'm not a software developer, but after seeing BeaconFence in action I'd like to learn.   My background is design, business and marketing, and amazingly BeaconFence embodies each of these areas. There is a real design element to creating a map and layout of a floor plan and then seeing it in scale in your IDE. Defining the ultimate beacon locations to create zones and paths is pure design zen. Through BeaconFence I can see incredible opportunity for a ...

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The Strange Story of Erlang's Success Back in May, I wrote a post on "Let It Crash" programming in Erlang, based on Joe Armstrong's paper on the history of the language, and intended to return to other interesting discussions from the paper in a future post. Well, better late than never. Today I'd like to discuss the "success" of Erlang, how it got there, and what it means. Is Erlang successful at all? It's not particularly widely used, there are few books on the subject, and its influence on other languages is debatable. It d...
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