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Filtering support for custom ListView layouts in Update 1 In RAD Studio Berlin, we added a new ListView Item Designer for FireMonkey applications that allows you to easily design custom ListView layouts.
Berlin 10.1 Update 1 追加機能:Listview - DynamicAppearance 使用時のオートフィルター検索ボックス対応 [JAPAN] Berlin 10.1 Update 1では、ListViewのカスタマイズ機能 DynamicAppearance 利用時においてのオートフィルターに対応しました。   Berlin10.1 において新機能として搭載されたFireMonkey ListViewのカスタマイズを大いに助けるDynamicAppearance機能。しかし、このDynamicAppearance使用時においては、ListViewの機能の一つであったオートフィルター検索ボックスが使えておりませんでした。 今回のUpdate1において、DynamicAppearance使用時においてもオートフィルター検索ボックスが使えるようになりました。 使用方法は簡単です。 検索フィルターを使用するにはListiViewの[SearchVisible]プロパティをTrueにすればOKです。これでリストビューの上部に、リストビュー表示内容の絞り込みに使えるボックスが表示されます。下記のイメージをご参考に: 
Using TImageList with TListView in RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin We have a great new FireMonkey demo for RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin that shows you how to populate TListView with images from a TImageList component. FireMonkey image lists are collections of multi-resolution bitmaps. Image lists are used to efficiently manage large collections of icons or bitmaps. Our demo shows you how to use TListView together with TImageList. TListView items with images can use bitmaps directly, bitmaps referenced from elsewhere or bitmaps specified as indices in an ImageList. Depending on the kind of appearance used, there are different ways to select an ImageIndex.

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Adding headers to TListView programmatically During today's Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio 10 Seattle launch webinar, I got a question on how to add headers to TListView programmatically instead of using LiveBindings with a data source. Here is a quick code snippet showing how to programmatically add TListView headers. procedure TListViewHeaders.FormCreate(Sender: TObject); var Group, Item: Integer; begin for Group in [1..4] do begin with ListView1.Items.Add do begin Text := Format('Header %d', [Group]); ...
Exploring the new TListView Platform Options on iOS in RAD Studio XE8 FireMonkey’s underlying visual control architecture has been significantly overhauled in XE8 to enable multiple presentation implementations per control called “ControlTypes” - in particular, native OS control presentations can be utilized. The new underlying architecture is MVC based and is backward compatible enabling developers to choose at design time between Styled and Platform control types on a per control* basis (*for controls that include both control types). This allows you to select w...

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Adding alphabetical ordering to your databound ListViews Working with Custom LiveBindings Expressions Using LiveBindings, custom LiveBindings expressions and TListView, it it easy to add ListView headers to your FM mobile application that support alphabetical ordering and various other customizations. It will only take a couple of steps to enable it for data that is already alphabetically sorted, and an additional step for unsorted data. Adding A-Z grouping to your ListView headers for alphabetically sorted data The first example use...
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