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Two great articles on implementing classic languages: FORTH and Lisp I am currently reading through two very interesting articles on implementing classic programming languages in assembler: Implementing a FORTH interpreter in i386 assembler Implementing Lisp in assembler for the Raspberry Pi Both these are not really articles - they are in fact extremely well-commented source code, but so well commented that they are, effectively, an article with the occasional bit of assembler.  Both are very worth reading, even if you have no prior assembly, FO...

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Want more...Languages I recently re-watched "The Lord of the Rings" (LOTR) movie trilogy. Remember the LOTR phrase, "One Ring To Rule Them All"?  Could there ever be "One Programming Language To Rule Them All" (OPLTRTA)?  In the early years of our industry there were loads of new languages appearing each year (History of Programming Languages).  There were also attempts to create best of all worlds programming languages.  PL/I was an attempt to take parts of ALGOL, FORTRAN, COBOL, and added numerous data types, dynam...
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