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Use C++Builder, connect to AWS API Gateway+(Node.js)Lambda with JSON[JAPAN] Use C++Builder, connect to AWS API Gateway+Lambda with JSON. Inside of AWS Lambda echoes the contents of post JSON.
Use FireDAC to MSSQL Server in parallel(std::vector<std::thread>)[JAPAN] std::thread exists.It is in the standard from C++11. Insert data in MS-SQL Server in this way. The data is a Japanese address CSV. that is, It is in the post office in Japan web site. The data looks something like this. "0600000","北海道","札幌市 中央区","以下に掲載がない場合","HOKKAIDO","SAPPORO SHI CHUO KU","IKANIKEISAIGANAIBAAI" "0640941","北海道","札幌市 中央区","旭ケ丘","HOKKAIDO","SAPPORO SHI CHUO KU","ASAHIGAOKA" "0600041","北海道","札幌市 中央区","大通東","HOKKAIDO","SAPPORO SHI CHUO KU","ODORIHIGASHI" It is a CSV mixed...
How to use Delphi's anonymous methods and generics in your C++Builder XE8 applications With the release of C++Builder XE8 and RAD Studio XE8, we have made it even easier for C++ developers to work wth Delphi's anonymous methods and generics. We have updated the recommended way to handle Delphi anonymous methods in your C++ applications. The revised description, in How to Handle Delphi Anonymous Methods in C++, uses either a Functor (function object) or a Lambda expression. See the code examples on the following RAD Studio XE8 DocWiki pages. How to Handle Delphi Anonymous Method...
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