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Multi-Device Apps and Clipboard Support We have a lot of great demos to help you get started with RAD Studio. Today's blog post focuses on our CopyPaste FireMonkey demo. The CopyPaste sample demonstrates how to create applications that use the system's clipboard to copy and paste text or images. The sample uses IFMXClipboardService to interact with the system clipboard. The SetClipboard method is used to put data into the system clipboard and the GetClipboard method is used to return data from the system clipboard. Windows, macOS an...

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Custom buttons and the integrated Style Designer With the integrated Style Designer in RAD Studio Berlin, you can quickly create custom image buttons. For creating entire multi-device styles from scratch, we recommend you use the Bitmap Style Designer, available via the Tools menu. Create a new FireMonkey multi-device application. Select a "Style" from the drop-down menu in the FireUI Designer. This will allow you to create a custom style for that platform. You can also change the platform in the Style Designer later. Drop a TButton onto ...

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Adding a photo to a contact using TAddressBook in Berlin In 10.1 Berlin, we introduced TAddressBook, a new FireMonkey component for creating, accessing and managing contacts on iOS and Android.  We have updated our existing FireMonkey contacts demo and added the ability to add a photo to each contact you create. This demo uses our built-in actions for selecting an image from the gallery or taking a photo using the camera on your device. 
Using TImageList with TListView in RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin We have a great new FireMonkey demo for RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin that shows you how to populate TListView with images from a TImageList component. FireMonkey image lists are collections of multi-resolution bitmaps. Image lists are used to efficiently manage large collections of icons or bitmaps. Our demo shows you how to use TListView together with TImageList. TListView items with images can use bitmaps directly, bitmaps referenced from elsewhere or bitmaps specified as indices in an ImageList. Depending on the kind of appearance used, there are different ways to select an ImageIndex.
How to best load an image from a URL using TWebBrowser when targeting multiple devices I recently got a question from a customer on how to restrict the image size to the actual device screen dimensions when using TWebBrowser, so I thought I would create a blog post about it. Often times, images that are loaded from the web using an URL may be bigger than the form factor the app is being run on, causing the user to have to scroll to see the entire image. Below is a code snippet that shows you how to restrict the web image to fit perfectly to the form factor the app is being run on. Read on to find the full snippet code!
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