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RAD Server Support for Web Files in RAD Studio 10.2.3 The RAD Server (formerly EMS) platform is evolving to be a better backend for JavaScript applications, including of course those built with Ext JS. In the 10.2.2 release we improved support for returning JSON data based on the result of database queries, as covered in In RAD Studio 10.2.3, we have added to RAD Server the ability to act as a Web Server, with the support for mapping URLs to folders and returning the con...

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Stir Trek 2: Iron Man Edition Wrap Up Last Friday, I attended the Stir Trek conference here in Columbus. The day got off to an inauspicious start when I turned on my car. There was a high screaming noise, and acrid black smoke poured out from the engine. I opened the hood, pulled out a burning air-conditioner drive belt, and threw it into the bushes beside me. Now the engine ran fine! (Although, for some reason, this did not reassure my wife.) The conference is held in a local movie theater. After a day of technical sessions, the...

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The Web Is Just Text In the beginning (around 1990 or so), the World Wide Web was composed of three parts: HTML, a markup language for displaying rich documents HTTP, a stateless protocol for communicating with a web server The URI, a short, standardized reference to a network resource Almost 20 years later, very little has changed, especially from the point of view of the server. To the list above, we have added client-side stuff like JavaScript and CSS, and HTML is now at version 4. But HTTP and the URI...

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Accessible Data Visualization with Web Standards A nice article about data visualization using html and css. Check the full article here And don't forget to check the results here...
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Available SitePoint HTML reference The SitePoint HTML reference is now available, check it out:
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