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Massive Collection Of Design Patterns, Frameworks, Components, And Language Features For Delphi Developer beNative over on GitHub has a project called Concepts which is a massive collection of Delphi modular demos featuring over twenty different language features, design patterns and some interresting frameworks, and components. A copy of all of the libraries the Concepts project depends on are included to reduce the hassle of installing them separately. The modular demos include demonstrations of the following libraries: Delphi Run-Time Library (or RTL)The Delphi Run-Time Li...

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Lightweight Frameworks I came across this interview with Yehuda Katz about Merb, an interesting web framework for Ruby.  Although I have less actual experience with Merb than with Rails, I've always liked the general design philosophy of Merb. Whereas Rails appears to be designed as a complete MVC framework (and a nice one, too; I'm not writing this post to critique Rails), Merb allows you to build your own framework by combining existing tools. It doesn't try and reinvent a new ORM or package manager, for example. Li...
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