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"Expert Delphi" webinar replay - Part 2 As promised during the "Expert Delphi - Part 2" webinar yesterday, here is the webinar link replay Video not found or Youtube service not available Enjoy!...
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"Expert Delphi - Part 1" Webinar Replay Great thanks to all people that attended "Expert Delphi - Part 1" webinars in different time zones. It was a pleasure to give a taste of the first six chapters of the "Expert Delphi" book and walk you through selected demos! During webinars, I have promised to make the replay available. It is already available on YouTube. Video not found or Youtube service not available...

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My "Expert Delphi" book published! My "Expert Delphi" book has been published by PACKT Publishing and is currently available for a limited time for just $10 at The book is about how to become developer super hero and gain amazing productivity powers to develop stunning, native cross-platform mobile apps from the same codebase for Android and iOS! The foreword was written by David Intersimone and I'm very proud about it, because I have the deepest respect to...
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