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Developer Direct ONLINE "FireDAC" demos available I have promised to make the source code of FireDAC demos presented during the first Developer Direct ONLINE Season 4 session available. FireDAC is the best database access framework for all major RDBMS systems for your Delphi, C++Builderand Appmethod applications! There are six projects in the download: FireDAC Demo 101 FireDAC Monitoring FireDAC Cached Updated FireDAC Array DML FireDAC Batch Commands FireDAC Connection Recovery The replay of the session is available at st...

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Delphi for iOS preview in Istanbul I'm just back from Turkey and co-presenting on live "Developer Direct" webinar with David I, Stephen Ball, Jason Vokes and Marco Cantu. We are doing DataSnap live demos. It is a very cool way of spending your Friday day work:-) Yesterday I was presenting upcoming Delphi for iOS support to 150 enthusiastic Delphi and C++Builder developers gathered in Istanbul. I was building all kinds of iOS applications with Delphi, including DataSnap clients. I will show them next week on the "Developer Dire...
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