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Creating database tables programmatically with Delphi DBX4 metadata classes Inspired by Steve Shaughnessy's post on "The New dbExpress 4.0 MetaData" I've decided to give this approach a try and created a sample Delphi 2007 for .NET VCL Forms application that I'm using during current serie of CodeGear seminars to demonstrate the incredible amount of innovation in DBX4 architecture. Many Delphi programmers asked me to blog about it, so here we are:-) With the new DBX4 metadata classes it is possible to programmatically create database tables and indices in code against...

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Simple DBX4 Console App Example Just two days ago Dr.Bob posted a very interesting article "Delphi 2007 and DBX4", which reminded me to post source code from my recent European Web Seminar Developer Days "DBX4 - Database Development After BDE" session. The new DBX4 database access architecture introduced in Delphi 2007 for Win32 is very elegant. On the VCL component level it looks like almost nothing has been changed. "TSQLConnection", "TSQLDataSet" and other familiar component names are still there on the "dbExpress" Tool ...
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