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Tips for using Blobs with InterBase This article is 99% a copy and paste from You can see the complete thread it came from here: Messages there don't live forever (looks like about 13 months max), so I am posting here so this elaborate post may live longer. The post was written by Jeff Overcash, who is a long time TeamB member and author of the InterBase Express (IBX) components included with Rad Studio. What you see below is partially out of conte...
Join the DB Optimizer 1.5 beta test program - fix your poor performing databases Do you have poor performing SQL databases?  Do you need a better SQL database profiling and tuning tool?  The DB Optimizer 1.5 Beta Test program is available now! A few of the new features in DB Optimizer version 1.5 Multi-platform tuning - DB Optimizer 1.5 now includes tuning for Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, and DB2 - including hints, SQL rewrites, index analysis, and explain plan comparison Continuous profiling - In DB Optimizer 1.5, profiling can be run constantly, keeping one hour of t...
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