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Webinar: Connascence: How to Measure Coupling with Nick Hodges Did you knows that tight coupling is bad for code? Join Nick Hodges as he takes a deep dive into what Connascence is -- a taxonomy for measuring coupling.  In this webinar, you'll discover how to measure coupling and how to reduce it in your applications. Reducing coupling is an important step towards making your application more testable, reducing bugs, and supporting the best practices that power agile development. Nick Hodges has been a part of the Delphi community from the very be...

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C++ Online Learning Resources If You are a Delphi programmer, you probably know about very high coolness factor of FireMonkey. In fact there are many developers out there that has never heard about FireMonkey and Embarcadero and there are big chances that they are familiar with C++. There is a good news for them! They can be productive right away in FireMonkey C++ coding and create native apps for multiple platforms from the same source code! I'm a Delphi programmer, but when I read the C++Builder roadmap information I fe...
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