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Top 10 Most Popular Open Source Delphi Projects On GitHub By Star Rating There are quite a few Delphi open source projects on GitHub that can really save you some time. I searched for Delphi on GitHub and then sorted by the Most Starred projects and came up with this Top 10 list. There is some really good stuff here including Awesome Delphi (which is another top list), Delphi IDE color theming projects, an MVC web framework, a REST API client, Open Source Computer Vision Library headers for Delphi, a really powerful custom TreeView component, a unit testing fram...

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Google Chrome - cool new web browser Google just released a new web browser called "Chrome". I have downloaded, installed and now using it to type in words of this post. It is ellegant and intriguing. Chrome features new architecture where each browsing tab has its own OS process, which effectively creates a sandboxed environment for every session. I like the way you can dock and undock tabs with smaller and transparent display of a tab being moved. The ideas behind the new browser are very nicely explained in the form of a comic b...
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