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Want more...Bits Who wants more Bits (binary digits)?  I first started programming in September 1969 on an IBM 360 model 40 as a Freshman at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Computer Science Department.  The IBM 360/40 had a 16-bit data width, 32-bit general purpose registers, and 64-bit floating point registers.  I also got permission to program (using Assembler and FOCAL) on the PDP-8 (12-bit single accumulator, up to 32k of 12-bit memory words) that was in the Journalism department.  Later on, Professor Emile Attala ...

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Developer Christmas Countdown - December 15 - T minus 10 days December 15 - Ten days to go!  Computer Science Education Week, SigCSE 2011, Grace Hopper Women in Computer Science Computer Science Education Week took place December 5-11.  The week is focused on spreading the message that computer science is vital to a successful education no matter what  career or industry you take part in.  Computers are at the center of our modern economy.   Just teaching math and science is not enough.   From the CSEdWeek web site - "Computer Science Education Week (CS...
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