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Compress and save the file. TZCompressionStream, TZDecompressionStream TZCompressionStream can compress TStream. Use TZDecompressionStream to decompress. I tried a simple code. First create a common template class. #include <fmx.h> #include <System.ZLib.hpp> #include <memory> template <typename T1, typename T2, typename T3> struct compression_stream { ///Template for common. std::unique_ptr<T1> f_compression_stream; T3 f_level; T2* f_stream; compression_stream(T3 l_level, T2* l_stream) { f_level = l_level; f_stream = l_stream; f_compression_stream = {std::make_unique<T1>(l_level, f_stream)}; } compression_stream(T2* l_stream) { f_stream = l_stream; f_compression_stream = {std::make_unique<T1>(f_stream)}; } ~compression_stream() { } };  
【C++Builder Starter チュートリアルシリーズ】シーズン2 第9回 ‟作ってみよう„ [JAPAN] 2017年1月23日より 「Delphi / C++Builder Starter チュートリアルシリーズ」 シーズン2、全9回、3月27日まで、毎週月曜日、Delphiパートが 17時00分~17時20分、 リアルタイム放送スペシャルコンテンツが5分~10分、C++Builderパートは 17時30分~17時50分の時間割でお送りしています。(なお、後述いたしますが、残り2週分の放送はDelphi/C++Builderの2部制ではありません) 無料でダウンロード&利用できる開発環境のDelphi / C++Builder Starter エディションを使用して、プログラミング言語のDelphi (Object Pascal ), C++の基礎を学ぶオンラインセッションです。
Use std::chrono(Time control) in C++Builder It can be used by library std::chrono from C++11. std::chrono can control time_point. Let's first make time_point. //// //Put the current time in time_point. using namespace std::chrono; system_clock::time_point tp = system_clock::now(); The current time(now) has entered the variable tp. It is possible to add time lapse etc. to this time_point. Use std::chrono::duration for time_point to add time.
C++ Coding Bootcamp Training Course With Over 10 Hours Of FREE Training For Android And iOS The C++ Boot Camp series is a free Coding Bootcamp training course with over 10 hours of C++ training, question & answer sessions, and much more! C++ can be used to build cross platform applications for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. The Android support uses the Android NDK. This coding boot camp coarse will bring you up to speed on building mobile and desktop apps quickly. You will be introduced to the C++Builder IDE, the FireMonkey UI which is powered by OpenGL, using animations and eff...
How to copy a Dataset using C++Builder in TFDBatchMove(FireDAC) You can copy the data set to simple if you use the TFDBatchMove in C++Builder. TFDBatchMove is in FireDAC. I tried the table copy from MySQL to SQLite. MySQL created the above table.
How to use std::ratio template with C++Builder[JAPAN] the std::ratio exists in the C++11 library.
Try std::type_index with C++Builder[JAPAN] There is "std::type_index" as a new function of C++11. I tried using that function.
Use C++Builder, connect to AWS API Gateway+(Node.js)Lambda with JSON[JAPAN] Use C++Builder, connect to AWS API Gateway+Lambda with JSON. Inside of AWS Lambda echoes the contents of post JSON.
In the C++Builder of RAD Server, FireDAC + SQLServer connection.[JAPAN] I explained the FireDAC + SQL Server connection in the previous parallel processing. // Use FireDAC to MSSQL Server in parallel(std::vector<std::thread>)[JAPAN] The "japan post office data"(SQL import) used last time is used from RAD Server. We will create a new RAD Server project this time. That's C++Builder. I have created one resource data module(TTestResource1). And we prepared a data module(TDataModule2) for one FireDAC. We will create a single suffix for the resource. It is a mem...
Use FireDAC to MSSQL Server in parallel(std::vector<std::thread>)[JAPAN] std::thread exists.It is in the standard from C++11. Insert data in MS-SQL Server in this way. The data is a Japanese address CSV. that is, It is in the post office in Japan web site. The data looks something like this. "0600000","北海道","札幌市 中央区","以下に掲載がない場合","HOKKAIDO","SAPPORO SHI CHUO KU","IKANIKEISAIGANAIBAAI" "0640941","北海道","札幌市 中央区","旭ケ丘","HOKKAIDO","SAPPORO SHI CHUO KU","ASAHIGAOKA" "0600041","北海道","札幌市 中央区","大通東","HOKKAIDO","SAPPORO SHI CHUO KU","ODORIHIGASHI" It is a CSV mixed...

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