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Creating great UIs with C++Builder and FireMonkey: app templates FireMonkey is an advanced UI toolkit, capable of great layouts and designs. We'd like to show you what it's capable of, and how easy it is to make great interfaces using it. We've just introduced eighteen example UI templates using FireMonkey and C++ that really show how easy it is to create great-looking apps. These are freely available on GetIt, our package manager, and you can download them and use them for your own inspiration and layouts. What have we added? ...

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Using C++ Templates to Write Functions and Classes C++ Templates : Blueprints for Generic Classes and Functions C++ Templates are a powerful feature within the C++ language that extends your capabilities within C++.  Templates are a foundation of generic programming that lets you reuse your source code if you have multiple data types that you wish to pass instead of function overloading or rewrites. Why use templates? To avoid repeating code. Not bound to certain types Code can be easier to look at Increased flexibility Better tha...
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