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Moving BLOB fields from one SQL Database into InterBase database using FireDAC In general, there is no difference between moving non-BLOB and BLOB fields into an InterBase database, so any technique may be used, depending on your needs: 1. One technique is to use two regular TFDQuery components; one TFDQuery will read with SELECT, and another will write with INSERT / UPDATE. The process is as follows: 1) Read the data from a FireDAC query into a RAD Studio, Delphi or C++ Builder application from a SQL Database. 2) Push the data via a FireDAC connection into an InterBase...

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Tips for using Blobs with InterBase This article is 99% a copy and paste from You can see the complete thread it came from here: Messages there don't live forever (looks like about 13 months max), so I am posting here so this elaborate post may live longer. The post was written by Jeff Overcash, who is a long time TeamB member and author of the InterBase Express (IBX) components included with Rad Studio. What you see below is partially out of conte...
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