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TMultiView is a smart menu component for FireMonkey applications that makes it really easy to create app navigation that automatically adjusts itself depending on form factor, orientation and target platform. TMultiView is a container component which means that you can parent many different components to it, such as a top aligned TToolbar or a client aligned TListview.

Embarcadero is promoting a contest for applications that leverage OpenData, in particular the NASA API (available at Given the large amount of data available, there is room for building many different applications. Also, you can submit Windows or Mobile applications, as long as it is built with RAD Studio. Full announcement and competition details are at: We have a sample application on GitHub at with a video at and accept submissions on GitHub and with a compan...

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Upcoming Wednesday's Delphi Developer Webinars I have been missing doing live developer webinars:-) The last two on migrating to RAD Server and on APPX development for Windows Store were almost one month ago, so it is high time to return to more systematic webinar schedule! Please book your agenda for upcoming Wednesday's Delphi Developer webinar this quarter. It is always Wednesday, take off at 11am Amsterdam time (10am UK). One hour of live demos and hopefully informative and useful content for all Delphi developers. Wednesday's Delphi Developer Webinars Upgrading to RAD Studio Enterprise, February 1st, Weds, 11am (GMT+1, Amsterdam)  This webinar is primarily aimed at developers still on "Professional" version of Delphi. I'...

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Do you use C++Builder? Would you like to become a MVP - part of our most valued professional program? Or do you know someone you think would be a great addition? We are actively seeking C++ people who are some or all of the following (don't worry if you feel not all these apply to you, eg if you don't like presenting): Technically skilled Know C++ Builder Happy writing technical articles, eg blog posts Happy presenting or talking at user groups and meetups Fluent in any language, not just English. It's a big world. C++Builder has a great foundation now with four platforms plus Linux soon, great cross-platform UI support (we think it's better than other C++ UI libraries) and m...
Delphi ships with a component ‘TMediaPlayer’ for playing media files such as video and audio. This component remains in Delphi for the sake of compatibility with older versions, but is quite out-dated and, due to a decreasing number of compatible codecs, it is becoming difficult to maintain. There is however an alternative component for Windows, the Microsoft Windows Media Player ActiveX component. [ Read how to use Windows Media Player in your Delphi applications here. ]  ...

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Last week I was in Florianópolis to participate in the Delphi Squad event, organized by our MVP Samuel “Muka” David and Softplan. Softplan is one of the biggest Delphi users in the world, they develop software for several areas, including Justice, that are used in Brazil and Latin America. Softplan recently inaugurated headquarter in Florianópolis We had a full day of presentations, conducted by MVPs and developers from Softplan. To give you an idea, this was the line up: Fernando Rizzato – Embarcadero (What’s new in Berlin Update 2 and Roadmap) Carlos Henrique Agnes – MVP (FireDAC: Getting Started and Survival Guide) Marcelo Varela – MVP (DataSnap, REST, JSON) Kelver Merlotti –...

RAD Server が提供する機能のうち、中間サーバの機能は IIS または Apache で動作します。このインストールですが、運用環境向けのインストール手順を見ると docwiki には IIS のインストール手順が以下のように掲載されています。

  1. [コントロール パネル|プログラムと機能|Windows の機能の有効化または無効化]を選択します。
    メモ: これには特権モードが必要です。
  2. [Windows の機能]ダイアログ ボックスの[インターネット インフォメーション サービス]ノードを展開し、以下を行います。

    • [Web 管理ツール]の[IIS 管理コンソール]のチェックをオンにします。
    • [World Wide Web サービス]の[アプリケーション開発機能]を展開し、[ISAPI 拡張機能]と[ISAPI フィルタ]のチェックをオンにします。
    • [World Wide Web サービス]の[HTTP 共通機能]を展開し、同様に[既定のドキュメント]、[ディレクトリの参照]、[HTTP エラー]、[静的コンテンツ]のチェックがオンになっているか確認します。
  3. [OK]をクリックして、インストールを開始します。運用環境への_EMS_サーバーまたは_EMS_コンソール_サーバーのインストール

Maximize IDE Productivity with 10.1.2 Berlin Update 2 Anniversary Edition   Are you using all the latest productivity enhancements? Berlin 10.1 Update 2 Anniversary edition introduces more productivity enhancements than ever. This webinar will bring you up to speed on some of the top productivity boosts provided by your favorite IDE. Thursday, February 19th, 2017 - 6 AM, 11 AM, 6 PM PDT  [ Register Now ] View the slides Replay coming soon!  ...
In the C++Builder of RAD Server, FireDAC + SQLServer connection.[JAPAN] I explained the FireDAC + SQL Server connection in the previous parallel processing. // Use FireDAC to MSSQL Server in parallel(std::vector<std::thread>)[JAPAN] The "japan post office data"(SQL import) used last time is used from RAD Server. We will create a new RAD Server project this time. That's C++Builder. I have created one resource data module(TTestResource1). And we prepared a data module(TDataModule2) for one FireDAC. We will create a single suffix for the resource. It is a member function. //// class TTestResource1 : public TDataModule { __published: private: TDataModule2* test{new TDataModule2(this)}; public: __fastcall TTestResource1(TComponent* Owner); void ...
Webセミナー 「RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin Update 2 Anniversary Edition 新機能ガイド」開催 [JAPAN]

2016年11月にリリースされたRAD Studio 10.1 Berlin Update 2 Anniversary Edition について、すでにエンバカデロ コミュニティブログでのご紹介や、デベロッパーキャンプでのデモ等でご紹介しておりますが、この度、Webセミナーにて 紹介することになりました。

距離的にデベロッパーキャンプに参加できなかった皆様、Webセミナーにて、RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin Update 2 のデモをご覧いただけます!

Update2 は、Windows Store向けアプリの構築サポートなどの最新テクノロジーに対応するとともに、「クイック機能」など開発の効率化に寄与する新機能を追加しています。

今回、これらUpdate 2で追加された新機能を中心に、RAD Studio / Delphi / C++Builderの特長を紹介してまいります。

また、Update2 のお話だけでなく、RAD Server を使用したモバイルとバックエンドシステムを接続するマルチデバイスシステムを構築する方法と活用法も解説します。


Webセミナーは 2017年1月26日(木) 16時より、約1時間30分でお届けする予定です。



Check out more tips and tricks in this development video: