You really know you're a techno-geezer when...

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A fun article in Computerworld.  Something to think about as the pace of technology change continues to advance at a fantastic pace. The article give us some guidelines for how “advanced“ we think we are in comparison to how others use technology, how much we can multi-task, what tools we use, how many gadgets we hang on our belts, etc. Some of the comments, from readers or the article, are priceless.  You'll find gems like " Technology is the opiate of the masses" and "Give me the dinosaurs any day of the week".

Reminds me of a David Letterman Top Ten list from 1997 - "Top Ten Signs Your Kid is Spending Way Too Much Time On His Computer". Our kids are definitely using technology more than some of us ever did (and we use it more than our parents and grandparents.

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