XE3 Visual LiveBindings

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Here is a list of the LiveBindings changes we've made for XE3.    I'll start digging into details next time.

New Designer

  • The LiveBindings designer is used to connect controls, component properties and data sources.

  • Commands to create controls and data sources

New capabilities

  • Lookups

  • Bind to user defined data such as TList<T>

  • Prototype data

  • Actions (See post)


  • Faster list and grid filling

  • Automatic updates (no need to call Notify() as in XE2)

  • Better VCL support

New "Quick Binding" components

  • TLinkControlToField

  • TLinkControlToProperty

  • TLinkFillControlToField (for linking a list control to a field, and filling the list with possible values)

  • TLinkFillControlToProperty

  • TLinkGridControlToDataSource

  • TLinkListToField (for using a list to view all rows of a field, rather than edit a field)

New Data Source components  (See these great posts from Malcolm!)

  • TBindSourceDB (named TBindScopeDB in XE2)

  • TBindSourceDBX

  • TPrototypeBindSource

  • TAdapterBindSource

  • TDataGeneratorAdapter

  • TListBindSourceAdapter<T>

  • TListBindSourceAdapter (use non-generic version with C++)

  • TObjectBindSourceAdapter<T>

  • TObjectBindSourceAdapter

New controls

  • TBindNavigator for VCL (works like FireMonkey TBindNavigator)


Binding component use control observers to get change notifications.

  • New observer interface

    • IControlValueChanged

  • New VCL control observer implementations

    • TListView

  • FMX

    • TColorPanel

    • TColorComboBox

    • TArcDial

Deprecated binding components

These were in XE2.  They are also in  XE3 but superseded by the "Quick Binding" components.

  • TBindDBEditLink

  • TBindDBTextLink

  • TBindDBListLink

  • TBindDBImageLink

  • TBindDBMemoLink

  • TBindDBCheckLink

  • TBindDBGridLink


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