Would You Buy a Used Framework from This Tool?

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I think the Web Platform Installer is a great tool, but I have to question the wisdom of its home page:

If you click on these, you see... nothing. A description would be nice. ("Application Request Routing? What's that? EC-CUBE?")

But that's not really the problem. The bigger problem is this: A "spotlighted installers" feature probably sounded great on the drawing board, but this tool is intended for public-facing web servers. It isn't the App Store; public-facing web frameworks should not be impulse buys.

What should go here? I'm not certain. My first thought is security updates, but those should already come through Microsoft Update. Perhaps a link there, or a display of what is already installed, and whether it's up to date?


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    Adam Tolley Monday, 22 August 2011

    I think you alluded to a better solution which would be spotlighted installs _without_ the install link but instead a 'more info' button.

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    Stefan Glienke Monday, 22 August 2011

    Afaik the purpose of the Web Platform Installer is to provide the developer with some centralized tool to install software he needs for his work if he is working for different projects that have different requirements. So it's not up to this tool to kind of advertise the program you can install using it.

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    BH Monday, 22 August 2011

    Double-clicking on items in the list brings up further information.

    It's an installer not a shop and I don't think you can actually buy anything from it.

    Response: I know. But you missed the point. One should not install random crap on one's public-facing web server, whether or not it costs money.

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