Windows 10 is Out! Don’t let Your App Get Left Behind!

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Today is July 29th, 2015, and that means the full release of Windows 10 has arrived! The clock has officially started ticking for developers to make sure their apps are ready for Windows 10. Microsoft is expecting huge adoption rates of Windows 10 by its millions of users worldwide for both consumers and businesses alike.

Windows 10 is a huge opportunity for developers… so, what are you waiting for? Dive into this blog post and start exploring all the great information we have available to get your app ready for Windows 10 today!



Whitepaper - Windows 10 is a Big Win for App Developers

Microsoft has put a lot of effort into ensuring that apps built for previous versions of Windows will still run great on Windows 10. Further, there is a huge opportunity for developers to extend their existing apps to take advantage of the new look, feel, and functionality of Windows 10. By taking just a few steps, developers can avoid the risk of app abandonment driven by fickle end users that expect the apps they use to conform to the standards set forth by the operating system it runs on.

If there is any doubt about why developers should prepare their apps for Windows 10, check out JT’s informative article, 10 Reasons Why Windows 10 Will Be Important for Developers.


Get Your App Ready for Windows 10 Today!

RAD Studio developers building Windows apps are in a great position to start taking advantage of Windows 10. You can start leveraging the rapid application development approach to building Windows 10 apps today with a free trial of RAD Studio.

The CodeSite Logging System gives developers deeper insight into how code is executing, which helps locate problems more quickly to ensure applications to run correctly. CodeSite's logging classes let developers capture all kinds of information, while code continues to executes, and then send that information to a live display or to a log file. Furthermore, both styles of logging, live logging and file logging, can be performed locally or remotely (via TCP, UDP, or HTTP).

Konopka Signature VCL Controls
The fastest way to build custom UI/UX for Windows 10. Konopka Signature VCL Controls has over 200 Windows UI controls and custom property editors designed to simplify Windows UI design and development. Developers can now build sophisticated user interfaces for Windows 10 in less time with less effort.

RAD Studio XE8 is Ready for Windows 10
This informative webinar covers topics developers needs to know about to get their apps ready for Windows 10. Topics include a market overview of Windows 10, using the RAD Studio IDE in Windows 10 Preview, applying the free Windows 10 VCL style, managing Windows 10 multi-device form factors with FireUI, how to import the new Windows 10 API, and much more!

RAD in Action – Get ready for Windows 10

Windows 10 Notifications - VCL App WinRT API
Follow along with Marco Cantu and his blog post about using the WinRT API to generate notifications in Windows 10.

Free VCL and FMX Style for Windows 10
Developers using VCL or FMX to build Windows apps can now get the look and feel of Windows 10 without having to add a single line of code.

Download Custom VCL Style for Windows 10
Blog: Build Windows 10 apps with RAD Studio XE8 and the new VCL Windows 10 Style

Download Custom FMX Style for Windows 10
Blog: Build Windows 10 apps with RAD Studio XE8 and this new FireMonkey Style

Top Five Ways to Get Your Apps Ready for Windows 10
With the full release of Windows 10 right around the corner, now’s the time to ensure your app is ready for Microsoft’s biggest release ever. And here’s how you can do it.

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  • M1628
    [email protected] M1628 Tuesday, 11 August 2015

    Does AppMethod 1.16 support Windows 10 development and installing AppMethod 1.16?

  • Brian Alexakis
    Brian Alexakis Wednesday, 19 August 2015

    Yes, Appmethod 1.16 should work on Win 10 just like RAD Studio XE8 does.

  • Brian Alexakis
    Brian Alexakis Thursday, 30 July 2015

    Hi David,

    We have a lot to offer Windows 10 developers as demonstrated in the blog post including new VCL/FMX styles and WinRT/UWP support. Have you tried either of them?

    I'd love to hear your thoughts about the lacking Windows 10 feature support.


  • David Heffernan
    David Heffernan Wednesday, 29 July 2015

    In no way does XE8 support the new functionality of Windows 10. This marketing campaign is misleading at best. Please stop treating us like idiots.

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