Why Upgrading to Enterprise?

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The beginning of a year is a good time to think broader and make bold plans to achieve great results. You might be considering taking your existing database app and moving it to new heights! You can do it by:

  • Scaling up to hundreds of simultaneous users with DataSnap and RAD Server
  • Moving your clients from desktop to mobile
  • Strengthening your architecture and code with proven design patterns
  • Upgrading your database access to FireDAC framework

Over coming weeks I will be running a series of Wednesday morning webinars looking into these upgrade areas in more detail. I'm kicking off tomorrow with looking at scaling your apps to Enterprise with multi-tier frameworks available in RAD Studio Enterprise. After a brief introduction we will be building a REST-based, scalable database system with DataSnap framework using FireDAC JSON Reflection, Visual Live Bindings and mobile clients.

Big thanks for all developers that attended my webinar. As promised here are links to resources:

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  • claudio.piffer
    claudio.piffer Tuesday, 31 January 2017

    I agree at 100%! For me the Enterprise Edition is a must!

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