Why to go to the CodeGear Developer Conference Brazil (aka BorCon)

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Why to go to the CodeGear Developer Conference Brazil (aka BorCon)

This year we will have the 6th edition of our Developer Conference in Brazil.  I’m especially excited about the conference this year, and here are some reasons why.

  • First year as CodeGear

  • First year we released 5 great products in 9 months

  • First year we will have Anders and Steve Shaughnessy as speakers at BorCon

  • First year we will have Jim Douglas, our CEO, participating

  • First year we will 4 simultaneous tracks just for Developers: 2 tracks for Delphi, 1 for Java and 1 for InterBase, PHP, and Ruby

I know these are not enough reasons to motivate you to go in BorCon.  Watch this video - BorCon 2006 is one important reason to go

Okay, let’s talk about the technical reasons to participate in BorCon.

There are lot of great speakers and presentations this year, here are some examples:

David I, our Guru, is going to talk about our future and the CodeGear Vision

Steve Shaughnessy - Principle Architect Delphi Database Technologies will have 2 interesting presentations
    - Architecture of dbExpress 4
    - Implementing new dbExpress 4 drivers and extending existing dbExpress 4 drivers

Anders Ohlsson – member of the Developer Relations Team will show one of the most important CodeGear products:
    - 3rd Rail Product Address
    - Building components for Delphi for PHP 

I’m (Andreano Lanusse) going to talk about:
   - RAD Studio 2007 Product Address
   - Building a Web Application using ASP.NET 2.0 and AJAX
   - Creating Delphi for PHP Components

Paulo Palmério – Director of Presence and our InterBase partner in Brazil, of course is going to talk about InterBase
   - How to monitor your InterBase Application
   - How InterBase can improve the performance of your Application

Mendo Leonel – member of Presence Team is going to talk about InterBase too.
   - Increasing the performance of your application using Stored Procedure and Triggers

 Lucas Machado – Member of the Java community in Brazil and expert in Java, this presentation will be very controversial, Lucas is going to talk about JSF development in the Real World, everything about JSF that people forgot to tell you about.

Dormevilly Tertius – Director of CodeGear in Brazil will talk about “How to obtain productivity in Eclipse”.

Fabio Pereira – Lead of the Java user group in Brazil is going to present “Using Spring to create off line applications”

Here are some of the presentations that are waiting for you at BorCon - in total we will have around 70 presentations and the agenda is available at http://info.borland.com.br/Borcon07/agenda_developer.html


Check out more tips and tricks in this development video: