White Paper: Integrating FireMonkey Into Your Existing VCL, C# and C++ Applications

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If you're a Windows software developer using Visual Studio or a programmer who has been using VCL in Delphi and C++Builder and you're interested in incorporating functionality from the new FireMonkey application platform into your applications, there's a great new white paper available.

Integrating FireMonkey Into Your Existing VCL, C# and C++ Applications by Stephen Ball

In this paper, you'll see what is required to create a shared library with FireMonkey in RAD Studio that can be used across multiple platforms, specifically with Windows and Mac OS X. The white paper looks at using the new library in Delphi FireMonkey and VCL applications and also with C#.

The paper covers using the shared library for containing business logic that is shared across applications using examples. The first will be a simple library with no visual elements. The second will use FireMonkey forms within the library and illustrate the differences this causes due to GDI+. Finally, we also look at what is required to call the second example from a C# application.

The techniques used in this paper are relevant and applicable for developers using C++Builder to write visual (using FireMonkey) and non-visual code.


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