Where you should post bug reports, ask questions and have conversations about our software development tools

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I received an email from a developer asking where he should post questions, report bugs and have converations with other community members. The following the guidance list (zero based of course) I emailed to this developer.

0) for bug reports – please report bugs on our Quality portal at



1) For discreet questions where you are looking for an answer – use the Answers module at:



2) For conversations you want to have with like minded developers – please use our new Embarcadero Community forums at


There are different topics where you can start conversation threads for our developer tools: 


This forum is for discussions about designing user interfaces, creating great user experiences and using visual components.


Use this forum to talk about SQL databases, in memory datasets, XML data, local tables and everything else related to accessing, updating, deleting and working with data.


This forum is the place to discuss enterprise software archictures, enterprise wide systems development. Topics here can include middleware, multi-tier architectures, DataSnap, REST/JSON, Web Services, Web server applications and enterprise wide data servers/services.


This forum is for the discussion of cloud based architectures and applications, Backend as a Service (BaaS) systems, cloud storage, push notifications and other services.


Use this forum to discuss the Integrated Development Environment (IDE), toolchains, integrated and remote debugging and other developer tools.



This forum focuses on programming languages, tips, tricks, techniques,algorithms and best practices. For topics related specifically to the C++ and Object Pascal programming languages, please tag your posts with one or both of the these languages.


3) For installation issues use the following General forum and support site

Installation Issues


This forum is for discussions about general installation topics. For installation and registration support, create a case at (www.embarcadero.com/support).



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  • henry M5368
    henry M5368 Friday, 1 May 2015

    The new Quality portal seems to be an intersting thing, but it doesn't "work", at least for me. It's not possible report issues of Delphi XE8 (only Appmethod) and sadly there would be so much to report.

    I tried already to call attention and abused a report for Appmethod. Take a look at https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/AP-143

    This report should be removed, because it should show a problem, but it seems it's ignored, overseen, whatever.

    Please offer a way to report issues of Delphi XE8.


  • Robert Love
    Robert Love Wednesday, 29 April 2015

    Where do you recommend posting feature requests?

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