What's so great about generics?

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Highlander beta-blogging has started. One of the most interesting new features in Highlander is the support for generic types in Delphi language. Dr.Bob and Hallvard Vassbotn blogged about generics in Highlander already.

For these developers that are new to this relatively difficult concept I've got some useful links with background information on generics:

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    WIlliam Sappington Thursday, 30 August 2007

    Whoopy, so you can create an object that is basically typeless and then type it when you declare it in some local procedure or function. I mean, it sounds neat an all, but whats the big whoop? Am I really missing something here or is this just fluff dreamed up by Anders?

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    Delphiuser Thursday, 30 August 2007

    All explanations on the net left my head throbbing. I really don't know why. Using them is dead easy and totally simplifies collection related stuff. All I can say is: try them in C#. Then you'll understand.

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    WIlliam Sappington Friday, 31 August 2007

    I would rather become a plumber that write one line of code in ANYTHING that traitor Anders has ANYTHING to do with at MS.

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