What's in a name?

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For many years I’ve been fortunate to be part of an iconic software company and team of brilliant individuals that have built some of the most recognizable tools in the history of software development.  You can go virtually anywhere in the world and meet someone who uses or has used Turbo Pascal, Turbo C++, Delphi, C++Builder, InterBase or JBuilder. And if they don’t, they probably know someone who does. Our customers are the most knowledgeable, persistent, vocal, creative, loyal, and objective in the software development world. Our customers are the most valuable part of our organization and our success.  Over the years, one of the most exciting, interesting and gratifying parts of my job has been meeting customers and learning hands-on about the software solutions they build with our products. Learning and seeing how Delphi powers massively distributed medical billing systems and at the same time is running large scale manufacturing and robotics applications. How JBuilder is used in NASA’s Mars Rover program to explore new worlds and back here on Earth right in our own Monterey Bay at MBARI for exploring our undersea universe, and yet at the same time is used in the world’s largest banks and financial institutions. Learning how C++Builder is powering real-time Wall Street trading floor systems, suburban power-grid distribution stations, and ground connected flight planning systems in the cockpits of our domestic chartered airlines. CodeGear developer tools are at the heart of both global industry and information and it has been an absolute pleasure to meet, know and work with our customers during this first incredible chapter.

Today we are beginning the next chapter that joins CodeGear’s developer tool products and teams with Embarcadero Technologies. It is a great combination on so many levels, but on the simplest level it’s about tools.  Embarcadero is a company that is successful because it’s a high performance team that “get’s it” and understands the value of how ultra-productive tools benefit customers and listens carefully to the problems customers face. Everyday problems like getting complex database design, development, and management tasks done quickly with any customer relevant database platform.

It’s interesting to think about just a few of our neighboring customers, roles, and products. For example, today Embarcadero creates visual tools to help data and application architects model and understand complex logical and physical databases, sound familiar? CodeGear creates award winning visual modeling tools to help architects and developers visually model and understand applications. Embarcadero creates the most popular SQL IDE in the world for writing and debugging SQL and stored procedures. Used by more than 3 million developers globally, CodeGear creates some of the most popular app dev IDEs in the world for writing and debugging software applications for a variety of popular platforms. Embarcadero is in beta today with a new database profiling and optimization toolset that is simply amazing to see in action. CodeGear develops one of the most popular Java profilers and optimization tools in the Java market.

Before today Embarcadero and CodeGear separately created ultra-high productivity tools for designing, building, and running databases and applications.  Starting today Embarcadero Technologies is the company building tools to help application and database developers (sometimes on the same team, sometimes the same person, occasionally mutually exclusive) get difficult tasks done quickly, with quality, and for a wide variety of database and application platforms.

A few things we care a lot about

  • Flexibility. Database support must be heterogeneous and seamless

  • Open Source. Our customers must achieve more value (speed, quality, productivity) from Open Source than their competitors are getting

  • Speed. If it’s slow it’s broken.

  • Teams. Tools should enable team members to work together more efficiently and seamlessly with the tools they own. Tools that force processes, stacks, and platforms aren’t designed with real people in mind. Sell them to someone else’s boss.

  • Price. Tools should be widely available and fairly priced offering high value to every skill level and business size.

  • Quality. Tools should help our customers deliver higher quality than their competitors.

  • Stacks. Customers should be able to dictate software stacks based on their needs. Tools that dictate or steer to one vendors stack doesn’t have the customer’s interest at heart.

  • Productivity. Customers need to be able to out-produce and outpace their competitors while still delivering higher quality.

  • Community. Embarcadero is community of millions that includes employees, customers, partners, resellers, component and add-on vendors, students, journalists, and more

An Embarcadero is typically a waterfront wharf or pier, no doubt a launching point for many great voyages. Here’s to ours.



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