What is AppWave?

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What is AppWave?

Today AppWave is an Enterprise Private PC App Store platform that broadcasts your Apps to your end-users in a seamless and yet effective way.

Key components of AppWave

AppWave Components
AppWave Components

  1. AppWave Host - The actual software that powers the applications being broadcasted, downloaded from the Embarcadero AppWave Host

  2. AppWave Streaming Service - The part that runs as a Windows Service, in order to enable the application delivery to your end user from AppWave. This is a vital component, without which, you cannot broadcast your apps

  3. AppWave Browser - This component enables the Mastering and Broadcasting process of converting your Applications into AppsNow goodbye to Applications and say Hello! Apps!

In the forthcoming post, I shall be posting a video on how easy it is to be installing AppWave

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