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Depending on your timezone it may or may not be "today" for you, but in coming hours I'm doing a couple of live Delphi webinars, and please feel invited to join:-) You only need to install free InterWise client and just few minutes before the event click on one of the URLs below to watch and ask questions. The first webinar is on 10am in Lisbon and Dublin, 11am in Amsterdam, Warsaw and Zagreb, and on 12am in Ankara and Kyiv.


Tuesday, March 4th, 11.00 CET (GMT +1), "What's New in RAD Studio 2007 for Delphi Developers?"

Native Delphi AJAX web application with new VCL for the Web framework, parameterized types (generics) in Delphi compiler, new DBX4 database driver architecture, Visual Query Builder, ASP.NET 2.0, live templates for HTML tags inside integrated HTML Editor, adding projecs to "New Items" dialog through Template Libraries - new Delphi Repository mechanism.


Tuesday, March 4th, 15.00 CET, "DBX4 for BDE Developers"

New Delphi DBX4 Database Driver Architecture, Data Explorer VCL Form Designer integration, unidirectional datasets and provider architecture, moving from BDE to DBX data-access components, programmatically reading BDE and DBX metadata, creating tables with DBX metadata classes and migrating data from BDE to DBX in code.

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