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I'm happy to announce that I'm starting a new series of step-by-step tutorials about Delphi programming: DELPHI TUTS!

Programming in Delphi is fun and I really love writing Delphi code. I think I'm addicted to Delphi. I have been passionate Delphi programmer since Delphi 1 and I'm only more and more enthusiastic about Delphi with every new release. There is no other tool on the market today like Delphi. With the latest release - Delphi XE5 - using one programming language, one framework, you can create native, compiled apps for the most important desktop (Windows, OS X) and mobile (iOS, Android) platforms on the market today. All from the same source code!

Every DELPHI TUTS episode will consist of a white paper, source code, video and a "Do-Say-See" presentation script. I will try to publish new episodes as frequently as I can. Sometimes I'm on the road presenting Delphi to programmers in different countries, sometimes very busy working with Embarcadero customers, but there are also times when I can do what I like the most: Delphi Programming! At these times there will be new DELPHI TUTS episodes created.

You might be wondering what are these "Do-Say-See presentation scripts". Do-Say-See is a document organized as a table with three columns. In the first cell of a row there is description of what you need to do, in the second - what you say in the meantime, and in the third - what you see on the screen. We are using similar scripts internally at Embarcadero and I find them very useful at life events. I hope that you will find them useful as well, when presenting Delphi live to other programmers!

Two years ago I have put together a similar series of Delphi programming tutorials called "Delphi Labs". I got a lot of positive feedback and it was great experience. It is really a lot of work to do, but it is rewarding. The original "Delphi Labs" were about using DataSnap architecture for creating scalable, multitier systems and I though that I need to start DELPHI TUTS from revisiting Delphi Labs and DataSnap technology. Many things have changed since Delphi XE. There is new FireMonkey framework for creating apps for different operating systems, there is new FireDAC database access technology, there are new Visual LiveBindings for building data-driven user interfaces, new REST client components and also a lot of improvements to DataSnap itself!

Let's start! The first "Delphi Tuts" tutorial is "DataSnap Hello World". The simplest possible DataSnap client/server system!

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    Keith Friday, 6 December 2013

    I really learned a lot from the Delphi Labs videos.

    I am rather proficient in Database/DataSnap/DBX/Android.

    However, I would like to see a Database/DataSnap/REST/Android application.

    Also, please spend several sessions on FireMonkey Styles.

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    John Friday, 6 December 2013

    This is great and I look forward to these. Especially if source code is made available.
    One thing I'd like to see is less reliance on the prototype bindset for demo examples. I still struggle a bit in making the jump from the prototype sample databases to my own databases.

  • Guest
    Cornestian Mircea Thursday, 9 January 2014

    sory to write this problem her.
    can you help me?

    i have a problem.
    need to sovle this. if is posible.

    i try to create a server and client datasnap whit ado component:
    Tadoconection -> tadotable -> tdatasetprovider

    Tsqlconnection ->TdspProviderConnection -> tclientsataset ->tdatasourse and tdbgrid

    all is done and ok inclusive ApplyUpdates

    now, i want to create a TadoStoredProg interogation on client whit parameter:

    Tadoconection -> TadoStoredProg -> tdatasetprovider

    when parse parameter on server (ex: TadoStoredProg.param.paramvalues['@AParam']:= AValue and TadoStoredProg.execute ? ( if it.s need on server)

    Tsqlconnection ->TdspProviderConnection -> tclientsataset
    how and when parse parameter on clinet (ex: TadoStoredProg.param.paramvalues['@AParam']:= AValue and TadoStoredProg.execute ? (on client)

    i try on client this (C2 it.s a TClientdataset):
    C2.Params.ParamValues['@user']:= Avalues;
    C2.Params.ParamValues['@pass']:= Avalues;
    Edit3.Text := C2.Params.ParamValues['@mess'];

    and i have C2: Parameter: '@pass' not found

    now i create on C2.Params a Tparam named: @user , datatype: ftstring, paramtype: ptinput, size : 50

    error it,s "Catastrophi failure" and I am stuck

    I am try after generate clientmoduleunit and same problem.

    what it's wrong?

    need to make a good ms storedproc connection server client datasnap
    can you help me?

    thx for your wasted time

    pls send me a message by email too ([email protected])

  • Guest
    Cornestian Mircea Thursday, 9 January 2014

    ups . im using xe3

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