Using AppAnalytics to get usage information from your application

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AppAnalytics is one of the brand new features included in RAD Studio XE8.

Enabling AppAnalytics in your application will help you to understand how it's being used by your customers, in what OS versions, crashed sessions, and many other types of valuable information. appanalyticsxe8 browser medium


 To get started you need to sign in the appanalytics server ( using your EDN account.

00 - Before signing in

Once you're in, you can add your first application. After that, an Application ID will be generated. This is very important, as it is the ID that must be used in the TAppAnalytics component in your application.

02 - Adding a New Application


03 - Application successfully created


Now it's time to add a TAppAnalytics component in the VCL or Multi-Device application. In my case, I've put it in a DataModule, to easily access it from different forms of my application.

04 - TAppAnalytics placed in a DataModule

 And there's no need to do anything else to start gathering usage statics for the application. Here is an example:

06 - Overview 3

This information is available for all registered users.


If you upgrade your registered account to a paid one (contact the sales department here for that), you will get a lot more really useful information.

As I've mentioned before, there's a section for the Crashed Sessions:

07 - Crashed Sessions Details


In the Flow Forms graphic, it's shown the "connections" between the forms in our application, and what "paths" are being more frequently used by our customers. For example, in the next image, it's possible to see that the Send e-mail form is shown most frequently from the Customers window, so I'd review that the usability of that process is fine, and also check that there are no usability issues when trying to use the functionality from other parts of the application.

08 - Flow Forms


With Custom Events you can also fine tune what you need to track. In my case I wanted to know what reports were used most, and which ones were barely used. To do this, I only had to call the TrackEvent method before showing a report, for example: 

dm1.AppAnalytics1.TrackEvent('Reports', ReportName);

 Looking at the sample results, I can see that the Report01 and Report02 are being used by my customers, but Report03 is rarely used.

09 - Custom Event Tracking 2


And the final tab is the Advanced Data Analysis. I'm including an screenshot to show a preview of the data gathered:

10 - Advanced Data Analysis 01



 If you want to get more information about AppAnalytics, please visit the the AppAnalytics web page at 

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  • Néstor Misut
    Néstor Misut Friday, 11 March 2016

    Great Work! That's just what I was searching for and your article has helped me so much! ^^

    I am now giving a try to TAppAnalytics but when the application is opened, the privacy notice shows twice, so the user must answer twice to confirm allowing to track the information.

    Result: With one start, statistics at show 2 starts.

    It's just dividing by 2 this numbers, but it's annoying for both users and administrator.

    I don't know if you could help me with that issue, or you know anything about that.

    Many thanks for your job :)

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